Empowering children with the gift of a cape - for courage - for love & support - for whatever, whenever, however they need during illness -


Capes 4 Kids Australia Inc. is designed to help children feel as safe, secure and brave as possible while undergoing challenging, often “scary” situations and treatments.

We realise the benefit of helping children understand the necessity of listening and following instructions during each of their treatments.

Capes 4 Kids Australia Inc. strive to be great role models by being strong, understanding and supportive in all their messages. They want each patient to succeed as much as their families and caregivers do.

Capes 4 Kids help to communicate to patients in a different language that their feelings are important and that staying positive and strong helps to positively impact on their treatment and recovery.


Kids cannot get enough of super heroes, those “caped crusaders” who make the world a safer place.

Our little crusaders facing hospitalisation, medical procedures, and treatments need all the help they can get, to be brave, manage their fears, listen carefully and co-operate with instructions, to “get through” whatever must be endured.

Play is essential for happiness and successful coping and Capes 4 Kids Australia Inc. can magically turn a child into a superhero and we all know how powerful and brave they are.



xx xx



My little hero after his 3rd heart surgery, proudly wearing his batman cape and using his IV cannula as a laser. Thanks so much Cape 4 Kids!



Georgie was stoked to receive her cape after being treated at Emergency department at Qbn hospital. Thank you so much to Capes 4 Kids!



Thanks capes 4 kids for Lachlans super hero cape this was a few months ago at Westmead children's hospital.

Still got a huge smile on his face










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